X-Craft: Custom Lancha

Custom build

X-Craft RIBs can be created to satisfy all your personal wishes. The engine, propulsion, deck arrangement, furnishing with accessories and equipment, the colour schemes, sailing characteristics: once you’ve indicated your preferences, X-Craft will design and present your own tender in an artist’s impression.

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Design, Innovation, Performance and Luxury merged together

Design, innovation, performance and luxury merge together in the Dutch-built exclusive RIB and super yacht tender: X-Craft. Reaching speeds of over 100 km/h, the RIBs are every daredevil’s ultimate dream, while its design and construction guarantee maximum safety. X-Craft develops technically first-rate, user-friendly boats. Whether to be used as a Superyacht tender, to race with friends or to serenely tour with the family, X-Craft turns every form of water-bound pleasure into an exceptional experience. With our unwillingness to compromise, X-Craft will always strive to deliver beyond expectations.

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